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Urine Culture and Urinalysis Experiment

Urine Culture and Urinalysis Experiment

This lab report analyses the findings of two important tests. These are microbiological analysis of urine on CLED agar plate (urine culture) and biochemical analysis of urine (urinalysis). Urine culture test examined urine sample cultured on cystine-lactose-electrolyte deficient agar plate for any possible bacterial growth after the incubation period. Gram positive or gram negative bacteria growth can be found or not. However the presence of 10 colonies of each in this experiment which were E. coli and S. aureus bacteria indicated either possible contamination of the urine sample or infection of the urinary tract by various disease and disorders of the urinal tract.
The biochemical analysis of urine was also done where by the sample urine both positive and negative controls were subjected to tests for presence of different constituents not normally found in normal urine using test strip with absorbent pads capable of testing different constituents by observation of color change.

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